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welcome to my awkwardness.



Bats fly home through a lovelight glow.

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Dan and Phil having fun.

Dan & Phil: YouTube Heroes

A month ago i ‘found’ these youtubers called AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire which literally the YouTube superheroes. I’ve never watched videos from British youtubers actually, and when i found these guys i FANCY THEM SO FRICKIN MUCH. Dan and Phil was like heroes, literally. Dan talks in his videos about how awkward he is and at the same time communicate to us as if he has the same feeling. You know like some of his videos about fangirling, shipping, procastinating, cringe attack and stuff. And it all soooooooo related to me like this guy know what he is talking about! Same with Phil. Phil talks about how weird he was as a kid, how he likes cute things andothers. He was like the nicest guy i’ve ever seen (i never even met him lol). And when i found out that these two guys are best friends, i was like BAM. My inner fangirling was exploded.

I was sad tho because i found them in 2014, not from years before (actually like I was actually sad when i found Smosh in 2012). Because it was like very late and it is lame.

"My heroes don’t wear capes, they wear cat whiskers on their face."

Yeah so Dan and Phil saved my life. :) go YouTube heroes!